About Us - Scire

SCIRE – To learn or know

SCIRE is an independent Training & Development Company founded by me – Stewart Lucas FIRP

For 18 years I worked for and alongside a variety of Blue Chip Companies through to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Franchises. During this time I developed a passion for developing individual and teams to achieve their full potential. Nothing made me more proud than to receive feedback that something a delegate had learnt from me, no matter how small, had made a difference to their performance. I had a job I loved and worked with the most amazing people but I wanted more!

That led me to form SCIRE – my own business. An opportunity to work with individuals and organisations who share the same values as me – that investing in a company’s biggest asset, their employees, can lead to improved business performance and greater staff retention

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How can I help you?

You can see in the Courses Section of this site the various Courses and Workshops on offer, each of which can be tailored specifically to your business need. Every business is different and has its own challenges. My experience means I can offer a wide variety of individual and team learning in other areas of employee development so I’d welcome the opportunity to talk in person to see how I can help you and your business. If I can’t help you, I’ll be honest and say!